RED BUTTON DAY - Graduate Film

Red Button Day - Graduate Film from Sagan Yee on Vimeo.

A malfunctioning particle accelerator causes thousands of black holes to consume the city of Toronto! A short animated film inspired by CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Graduate project, Sheridan College 2011. Produced with Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.

Sagan Yee - Filmmaker
Patrick Sweeney - Voice of Radio Host
Eve Herman - Voice of News Anchor
Joseph Trefler - Composer ("Black Hole Heart")
Jelena Ćirić - Singer ("Black Hole Heart")
Brenton Chan - Cellist ("Black Hole Heart")
Colin Repas - Violinist ("Black Hole Heart")
Bruno Degazio - Midi ("Black Hole Heart")
Rick Andersen, Nicolas Hesler, Mario Positano - Audio and tech support
Chris Walsh - Mentor