Animation Demo Reel 2011

Sagan Yee Animation Demo Reel 2011 from Sagan Yee on Vimeo.

1. Little girl walk cycle and storyboards (traditional)
2. Room destruction from short film "Red Button Day" (Flash, After Effects)
3. Lightning strike (Flash)
4. Black hole excerpt from short film "Red Button Day" (Flash, After Effects)
5. Claw machine e-greeting card for (Flash, symbol-based)
6. Lipsynch using audio clip from movie Dogma, based on characters therein (Flash, After Effects)
7. Train, cactus, railroad tracks from e-greeting card "Old-Fashioned Apology" (Flash, traditional and symbol-based)
8. Animation test using assets provided by 9 Story from "Peep and the Big Wide World" (Flash, symbol-based)
9. Climb of the living statues from short film "The Sculptor" (traditional pencil-drawn keys, colored in Photoshop. Layout and in-betweens provided by others.)

All characters, layouts and compositing were done by me, except where otherwise stated.